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About AxK

AxK is a flexible film production solution that spans the spectrum from photography and cinematography to full-service production.

Our core philosophy revolves around breaking away from the ordinary. We're committed to crafting content that challenges the status quo, striving to deliver unique, standout visuals that captivate audiences. We're unafraid of the 'click-away.' We aim to produce content that's truly worth your time.

Our clients come from a spectrum of industries, from design and advertising agencies to med - large-sized companies. Whether you're a small marketing team or in need of comprehensive production services, we tailor our approach to your unique requirements.

Want to work together?

Meet Alex

Alex Kristensen, the Director of Photography, Shooting Director, and the creative force behind AxK, is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in film production. His journey as a talented photographer has garnered numerous awards for his outstanding work. Alex holds a degree in Multiplatform Storytelling and Production from VIA Film & Transmedia, a testament to his expertise in the field.

His diverse portfolio underscores our adaptability and unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality results. Alex extends his commitment to education as an instructor at VIA University College, sharing his knowledge with the next generation of filmmakers.

Beyond the lens, Alex's diverse interests include music and sailing, infusing his work with a unique blend of artistry and adventure.

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The Team

We represents the pinnacle of adaptive filmmaking. Our core team's expertise is complemented by a curated network of creatives, allowing us to assemble the perfect ensemble for every project. This approach ensures refined, targeted content that speaks directly to your audience.

Meet the team. Giving the nature of AxK we work with a lot of different people. Here is some of them you are more likely to meet on a production with us.

The Usual Suspects

Maria Skriver

Art Director

Maria is a creative Swiss army knife. Her conceptual approach is the common thread in all the projects she works on.

She solves problems through creative thinking, driven by the desire to create - greatly value sharing the process with passionate individuals.

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Rasmus Liboriussen

Photographer & Editor

Rasmus is a versatile talent both in production and post-production with a great eye and work ethic. He is a friendly and dependable individual who never makes commitments he can't fulfill. He has great 

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Frederik Bølling


Fredrik is a talented lighting technician who can summon the sun even on the cloudiest day with remarkable speed. With experience behind the camera, he's not afraid to lend a hand where help is needed.

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